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Welcome to My World...Who Am I?

I was born in Cincinnati and have lived within 35 miles of the Downtown area.  With exception of while I served in the Navy, where I lived in the Tidewater Area of Virginia and Pearl City, Hawaii. That was until 2020, when I moved to Florida.
I now live in the Indian River Colony Club in Viera, Florida.
I am a Born Again Christian and have been saved for over 50 years.  Although from about 16 until I got out of the Navy, I was not living the life I should.  Luckily, thanks to my Uncle Lee's invitation to go to church with him, I found a great church and grew as a Christian. I am nowhere near where I should be, but with the Grace of Christ, I am moving in the right direction (most of the time).
I served in the US Navy as an ICman aboard the submarine, USS Los Angeles. I am member of several veterans groups and was the Base Commander for the United States Submarine Veterans / Cincinnati Base.  Since moving to Florida, I am now a member of the Snug Harbor Base.
I was involved in the Boy Scouts for over 34 years. During that time, I earned my Woodbadge Beads (Bobwhite), served as Scoutmaster including starting a Troop in Oxford, Ohio (Troop 937), also I am a Vigil member of the Order of the Arrow.  I also was the Den Leader for my grandson's Cub Scout Den. I am no longer involved in the Scouting Program because the BSA and I do not agree on the direction it is headed.  I was trained with the attitude that "it's all about the Boys." Today's BSA believes it all the money and Political Correctness.  The BSA has been around for over 100 years, I don't see it making another 25 years.
My biggest hobby is Amateur Radio (Amateur Extra-K8SSN).  I am a Past President and present Board member of the Greater Cincinnati Amateur Radio Association. I am also involved as a Volunteer Examiner for the ARRL and the Laurel Amateur Radio Club.
Well that is probably more than you really wanted to know and about as much I am willing to tell.  If I told you more, than it could be exaggerated and turned into gossip.